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Read a Good Book Before Hollywood Ruins It

The (supposedly) warm months of summer have put our YP Reading Group on hiatus.  But, come Fall I will start it up again and so I am always looking for good books on current affairs.  If you have a book you have read lately, or one you would like to read and discuss, please pass it on.  And, for those of you looking for recommendation, Foreign Affairs has this great list, organized by topic.  I have yet to go through the list as I was enticed by sunny shores and so I just downloaded a history of the Mediterranean called The Great Sea by David Abulafia—more ancient affairs than current, but interesting none-the-less.

While we have so far focused on non-fiction for the Reading Group, I am sure YPs would also love to hear of good global fiction.  I know I would.  Reading Group’s brief pause has given me some time to catch up on fiction and I have just picked up Preeta Samarasan’s Evening is the Whole Day. I will write a review when I finish it, but I can tell you that the first few pages are really beautifully written.  I have also, despite myself, snuck a peek at reviews so am expecting great things.  You can read the NYTimes review here.

Are there fellow bookworms out there? What are you reading this summer?



Two other good lists for books on current affairs:

One of the best people blogging about the Maghreb gives his summer reading list:

And, npr launches its book site with a good section on Politics and Public Affairs:

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