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Your Travel Writing on the YP Blog!

We want to put your travel writing on the YP blog.  Do you know the best cafe in France?  Where should someone stay in Prague?  Do you know how to plan a South American adventure on the cheap?  Do you have an amazing or funny story from your travels? 

Starting in the next couple of weeks, we are going to start posting reader-submitted travel writing on this blog.  This is a great opportunity for aspiring travel writers to get their work on front of an interested audience.  Here are the rules and guidelines that you need to know:

  • We are going to do minimal editing so the writing needs to come to us already checked for grammar and spelling.  If there are too many mistakes, we just won't print it.
  • Writing quality counts.  The work that we decide to put on the blog will be well-written work that we think our membership will find interesting. 
  • You are welcome to submit funny/interesting stories, and we will print them, but extra consideration will be given to stories that include some practical travel information. 
  • We will post an article roughly once a week.  We'll contact you to let you know that your article will be posted before it happens.  
  • If you do not see your article right away, do not fret.  It might take us a few weeks to work through the backlog of quality work.
  • We will be unable to respond to each article that is submitted.  You will only hear from us if we have decided to post your work.  We thank everyone for taking the time to participate.  
  • We encourage you to include a picture with the story.
  • Submit stories to Jeff at jeffatworldoregon [dot] org 

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