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Sat, 02/23/2008 - 3:30pm

Results from WorldQuest 2008

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Beaverton High School’s "men in black" will be traveling to China this summer after winning the WorldQuest's Global Knowledge Competition. Last year's third prize winners, they arrived in their signature dark ties and shirts to take First Place. Coming in second were newcomers to WorldQuest - freshmen from Corbett High School who will be going to Washington, DC to participate in the National Academic WorldQuest Competition on April 5th. Third place went to the Beaverton Arts and Communications Magnet Academy team who will receive gift certificates from Powells.

Special recognition goes to the coaches of the winning teams: Tim Leyden (Beaverton H.S.), Susan Handy (Corbett H.S.) and Mary Ann Campbell (Arts and Communication.) All the coaches deserve thanks for the extra time and effort they put in to making it possible for so many students to participate in this wonderful event. Many thanks as well to Council member Sally Ann Wells who organized a team composed entirely of AFS students.

Most teams took earned an extra 5 bonus points by documenting the from Awareness to Action Projects in their schools. These will be appearing soon on the K-12 Education section of our website.

Students, coaches, and parents ended the day with a delicious Brazilian dinner provided by Bon Appetit and chance to meet with international students from Lewis & Clark, AFS and the ICSP program at PSU. This was followed by a cultural evening including Samba dancing and Capoeira martial arts, from Brazil; and musical instruments and rhythms from around Latin America. Special thanks to Let the Children Dance, Groupo de Capoeira do Brazil, and Grupo Condor.

A big thanks goes to all the volunteers who made the event possible, including our Question Creation team made up of members of the Council’s Young Professionals; to Lewis & Clark College for providing the space and more; to the Nathan family for their generous First Prize gift of a trip to China through Education, Travel and Culture Student Exchange; to Northwest Airlines for transportation to China; and to the Juan Young Trust and Wyss Family Foundation for the financial support critical to our success.

1st Place - Beaverton High School. (alphabetical: Nitin Agrawal, Scott Garrison, Matt Lee, Thu Lee, Tim Leyden, Ram Narayan, and another competitor)
2nd Place - Corbett High School. (left to right: David Schroth, Finn Thorsell, Daniel Handy, and Cole Ceciliani w/ trophy)
3rd Place - Arts & Communications Magnet Academy. (left to right: Serenil Sierra, Maggie Forslund, Mark Miller)

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