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Wed, 04/06/2011 - 11:15am

Results from WorldQuest 2011

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The 9th Annual WorldQuest Global Knowledge Competition took place this year on March 5th in Hoffman Hall at Portland State University. Many thanks to PSU’s Office of International Affairs for sponsoring this wonderful event that brought 30 four-person teams of high school students together from throughout the State of Oregon and Southwest Washington for a chance to show what they know about the world!

First Prize this year went to Corbett High School (Corbett), Second Prize to Westview High School's Team A (Beaverton) and, due to a tie, two Third Prizes went to Columbia River High School’s Team A (Vancouver) and Catlin Gable School (Portland). Congratulations to these top teams and to all who participated! The Corbett Team will travel to Washington DC to compete against 50 high schools nationwide on April 30th for the National Academic WorldQuest championship. This event will be hosted this year by Georgetown University and sponsored by NATO and Exon Mobil. Participants will enjoy receptions provided by both Georgetown and the European Union’s delegation to the United States. In addition they will have opportunities to enjoy the sights and sounds of our nation’s capital.

Following the ninth round participants had a chance to relax, enjoy authentic Irish cuisine and converse with International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) students from PSU, representing over 20 countries and the Council’s International Visitors Programs (IVP) guests from Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco and the Palestinian Territories. These guests provided a very special opportunity for team members to discuss “first hand” important current issues in the Middle East. Following the meal, mini-workshops on Irish music, dance, and poetry took the “edge” off the competition and were enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to Dave Stout, Chair of the Language Department at Portland Community College, Sylvania, who presided as our star MC for the eighth year! Appreciation abounds for our dedicated Question Creation Team, a dynamic combination of Council Young Professionals Bryan Vandergriff, David Schreibner, Katie Clarkson, Lisa Buhl, Mari Saint Pierre, Tripp Ritter, and Erinn Taucher and Social Studies teachers Donn Osterlund, Getchen Folgestrom and John Eisloeffel. A million thanks for their six week dedication to creating challenging and thoughtful questions on ten topics from Millennium Goal: Gender Equality to Press Freedoms Around the World.

Last but not least, a world of thanks goes to the Allen Family Foundation, the Nathan Family Foundation and the Wyss Family Foundation whose generosity and dedication to Global Education made WorldQuest 2011 possible again this year!

The following quotes from this year’s student survey question “What is the most valuable part of the Worldquest experience for you?” say it all… “having so much fun learning about new cultures, expanding my global knowledge, bonding spiritually and mentally with my teammates, the overall experience of 4 years of getting to know so many current events and meeting different people from around the world.”

Corbett High School: David Schroth, Cole Ceciliani, Daniel Handy, Finn Thorsell, Coach Susan Handy
Westview High School
Catlin Gable School
Columbia River High School’s Team A

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