2019 International Speaker Series will focus on global youth, with the theme: "Future Leaders, Global Voices."

Now more than ever, youth leadership is on the rise worldwide. From the Parkland students' March for Our Lives to the Arab Spring, teens and young adults are guiding the world toward social change. 

This is why we are so excited to share this news with you!

Our 2019 theme will be: "Future Leaders, Global Voices." 

What does this mean for the 2019 International Speaker Series?

We will highlight powerful youth voices, and the adult leaders who help pave the way on their behalf towards our shared global future. This theme will not only guide our choices for the International Speaker Series, but will be a focus in our public programs, events, and stories.

We look forward to offering you fun and informative ways to engage with youth leadership on many levels. Whether it's a chance to participate in our Young Leaders in Action's impact projects, or to meet educators seeking ways to make our local classrooms more global, or through meeting or hosting visiting youth leaders from countries across the world, we know that this theme will be an incredible way to connect Oregonians to the world—and to each other—in 2019 and beyond!

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More changes coming in 2019 for International Speaker Series!


We're moving the 2019 International Speaker Series to the Newmark Theatre! Less than a block away from the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, and one of the five "Portland'5" venues, the Newmark provides a more intimate audience experience. Here's a photo gallery of this beautiful theatre space:



Many members of the WorldOregon International Speaker Series audience have purchased the same Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall seats for many years. The ticketing team at Portland'5, with support from WorldOregon, will help match you to seats of similar quality at the Newmark Theatre!

P.S. Great news—all seating at the Newmark is reserved, so when you book early, you'll get to choose specific seats, at every ticket price level!

2019 International Speaker Series FAQs:

Why are you choosing to focus on Global Youth Leadership in 2019?

Our world is at a turning point, and youth leaders have tremendous power to effect change. According to the UNFPA:

"Today's generation of young people is absolutely massive: Some 1.8 billion people are between ages 10 and 24. How well they navigate adolescence will determine not only the course of their own lives, but that of the world. Yet too many youth are unable to participate fully in society. Around 175 million young people in low-income countries cannot read a full sentence. For girls, the barriers to participation are even higher."

We know that when youth are given the chance to participate in global solutions, their potential is limitless. We are committed to providing this chance to youth leaders from across the world, as well as adults who support and pave the way for our shared success.

How do you decide who speakers will be?

In alignment with our nonprofit mission, we are committed to featuring emerging speakers of the highest quality. We seek to create a platform for the vital messages of prominent leaders as well as those who might not otherwise be heard. This is all the more important as we give voice to future leaders and youth who are changing the world in 2019 and beyond!

When will you announce the names and dates of 2019 speakers?

We are still in the process of confirming speakers and dates for 2019, and will be announcing as soon as all information is confirmed. We know it's hard to wait! Members will be the first to receive notification, and will always receive 10% off ticket prices. Email [email protected] to receive the discount code.

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