Daniela Gutierrez

UP Ethics Intern

[email protected]

About Daniela Gutierrez:

Program I work with at WorldOregon: International Visitor Program

My University: University of Portland

Major/Minor: Philosophy

Current/Previous work experience: Peer Navigator at Whatcom Community College, Campaign Work, Fred Meyer

Future Career Goals: Working with Non-profits on community building and social, economic, and political justice.

Some causes I support: Land Back, Freedom of Palestine, and Protecting Trans Youth

My superpower/hidden talent is: I can jump over my own leg!


About the UP Ethics Program:

WorldOregon is thrilled to partner for the third year in a row with the University of Portland's Research in the Application of Ethics Program sponsored by the Dundon-Berchtold Institute. Every year, they funds teams of faculty and students to conduct projects and curriculum fellowships focused on the application of ethics within and across academic and professional fields. Daniela and Jack will not only be engaged with our organization as interns supporting our programs, but they will be thoughtfully participating in important conversations with our team and their fellow program participants as they lean in to the lived ethical tensions of the modern world.

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