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The Global Classroom

The Global Classroom
Inspiring Students, Supporting Educators

The world is rapidly changing and the lives of young people are increasingly shaped by global issues. The Global Classroom education programs enable students to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the world today by giving them firsthand experience with global issues, cultures, and people. We offer an array of creative learning resources for multicultural and international education for K–12 students and the community at large – tools to help us work, live, and play in an interconnected world. 

We're creating citizens of the world. Each year, the Council’s education programs reach more than 30,000 students in the region. With increasing resource challenges in the statewide education system, the Global Classroom plays an essential role in supplementing ongoing education efforts. Increasing the global literacy of students provides resources for them to be innovative, economically competitive, active citizens that think critically about complex global issues.  

Culture boxes 
Culture boxes bring the world to the classroom for a hands-on experience with realia, lesson plans, reading materials, and more to spark a fascination and curiosity of the world. Brimming with lessons and hands-on treasures, culture boxes inspire and educate. We also offer the possibility to have an international guest present the box to the class. Read more and learn how you can reserve a culture box.

International Youth Leadership Program
Through our International Visitor Program, we empower young people from Oregon and across the globe to promote mutual understanding across cultures and build more vibrant communities. Through short-term exchange programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, we give young people the skills and knowledge to understand global issues, advocate for peace, and become leaders in their communities. Get involved by hosting an international youth leader in your classroom, youth organization, or home. Read more about the upcoming groups here.

Teach the World
This ongoing program educates hundreds of teachers through conferences and workshops about different regions of the world with curricular training, cultural experiences, and more. Read more.

From 2003 to 2013, we hosted the WorldQuest Global Knowledge Competition in which 30 teams of high school students from all across Oregon and Southwest Washington would gather in Portland and test their knowledge of international topics and share in a daylong multicultural experience. 


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