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Reserve a Culture Box


Questions about reserving a culture box can be sent to karenatworldoregon [dot] org.

Culture boxes can be reserved for the period of one month and must be picked up at the World Affairs Council of Oregon office in downtown Portland. The reservation may be extended for an additional fee, providing the boxes have not already been reserved by another school. 

Fees for culture boxes are based on the number and size of boxes in a set. A small box is $10 and a large box is $15. A set has between 1-4 boxes. A refundable deposit of $25 per box is required. The fee and deposit can be paid by check or credit card when the boxes are picked up. If you are paying with a check two are required, one for the user fee and one for the deposit. The deposit check is not cashed and will be returned upon completion of the check-in process. If you are using a credit card, the fee is charged and the card number is held as a deposit until the boxes are returned. The user fee entitles the borrower to keep the boxes for up to one month. The rental fee can be based on a sliding scale, depending on the need.

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