David Hoàng

Emerging Leaders Fellow

[email protected]

About David Hoang:

Program I work with at WorldOregon: International Visitor Program

My University: Portland State University

Major/Minor: Urban & Public Affairs, Business Administration

Current/Previous work experience: Multnomah Youth Commission, Franklin High School, Maybelle Center, Portland State University, Portland Bureau of Transportation

Future Career Goals: Go to grad school, work carious jobs, travel, become a published author, become a presentation speaker

My superpower or hidden talent: I can recite many digits of pi! 

Some causes I support: Youth advocacy, bridging urban-rural divide, access to technology, education and other resources

I am most proud of: My energy!

About the Emerging Leaders PDX Program:

The Emerging Leaders (EL) program is dedicated to improving racial and cultural diversity at the leadership level in Portland-area companies by providing pathways to leadership for traditional and non-traditional students of color and aspiring professionals. This will be WorldOregon's 2nd time participating in this rigorous and engaging program and are excited to bring another Emerging Leaders Participant as an intern this year!

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