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Oregon Ballet Theatre’s TERRA

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Oregon Ballet Theatre’s TERRA, OBT presents four short ballets from renowned contemporary choreographers Nacho Duato and Helen Pickett that explore the many ways humans connect with and are part of nature.
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Nacho Duato’s Jardí Tancat, choreographed to Catalonian folk tales collected and sung by Maria del Mar Bonet, presents a compelling portrait of a Mediterranean people who work the barren land, praying to God for rain that does not come and enduring with great spirit all the hardships they face. Duato’s El Naranjo (the Orange Tree) features a sensuous pas de deux from the longer work Gnawa, which was inspired by the ritualistic dances of the Mediterranean and its people.
Adding brightness to the rich, earthy tones of Duato, Pickett’s Petal is a vibrant ballet drenched in the bright yellows, pinks, and oranges of budding flowers, while her world premiere Terra, set to an original score by House of Cards composer Jeff Beal, takes inspiration from indigenous dances around the world, contemporary ballet, and Joseph Campbell’s work on myth and metaphor.
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