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FINDING PLACE: The Human Face of Migration, Displacement and the Search for Home

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K-12 Educator Conference on the Immigrant & Refugee Experience


The World Affairs Council of Oregon invites you to attend:
"FINDING PLACE: The Human Face of Migration,   Displacement and the Search for Home"

A FREE Conference for K-12 Educators, Youth Program Leaders, and the Community

Saturday, January 30, 2016
8:30 am to 4pm
George R. White Library, Concordia University, Portland, Oregon

“Finding Place” is a day-long educational experience for the community and a professional development opportunity for educators that will explore both global and local perspectives and reveal the human stories of families on the move.

  • Educators will leave with teaching tools that address the political, social, cultural, and economic issues that impact new arrivals in both school settings and the community at large.
  • Community participants will leave with content knowledge and a deeper understanding of what it means to be displaced. 

Highlights of the Day include:

· Opening Keynote Panelon global migration patterns, international immigration policies and their effect on the United States.

· Morning Breakout Sessions about on-the-ground rescue efforts abroad, border and climate refugee issues, discrimination backlash, and the award-winning efforts of a local school district where over 70 languages are spoken.

· Lunch Hour Youth Panel Presentation and networking opportunities.

· Morning & Lunch Hour Exhibition of Local Organizations working with and advocating for newly arrived students and their families.

· Afternoon Breakout Sessionswith opportunities to learn about different cultural backgrounds reflected in local classrooms, participate in relevant simulations, and gather grade level curriculum ideas.

· End of day receptionfor participants to share ideas and connect personally with presenters and community resource representatives.

· Educators Earn 7.5 Professional Development Units and receive a Finding Place Virtual Resource Package developed by the World Affairs Council.


Co-Sponsored by Concordia University, Department of International Studies

Attendance to the conference is FREE! A delicious box lunch is available for purchase and can be ordered at the time of registration. Ordering or bringing lunch is highly recommended in the interest of time and due to the lack of alternative eating establishments nearby.

Questions? Email K-12 Education Director, Karen Ettinger at karenatworldoregon [dot] org

Register TODAY! 

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