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FINDING PLACE: The Human Face of Migration, Displacement and the Search for Home (A Youth Forum for High School Students)

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FINDING PLACE is a day-long educational experience for high school students to explore both global and local perspectives and hear the human stories of families on the move. Students will leave with tools to better understand the political, social, cultural, and economic issues that impact newly arrived youth and their families in both school  and community. They will also leave with content knowledge and a deeper understanding of what it means to be displaced.

Highlights of the Day include:

  • Opening Keynote Stories that take students on a journey from a refugee camp in a far away land to Oregon and introduces them to a refugee camp survivor who is now a local community leader!
  • Morning Breakout Sessions that address anti-immigrant backlash, the cultural backgrounds of classmates from Asian and African countries and the personal stories of newly immigrated high school students who now make Portland their home.
  • A Global Luncheon and Mixer to give students a chance to get to know each other.
  • An Information Fair that introduces students to local organizations working with and advocating for newly arrived students and their families.  
  • Afternoon Breakout Sessions that introduces the cultural backgrounds of classmates from Middle Eastern and Latin American countries, involves students in a simulated 9 station refugee journey called “On the Move”, shares the stories of Oregon “Dreamers” and shows students how they can personally support their new Portlanders.
  • A Capstone FINDING PLACE Action Planning Session  to give each delegation a chance to create an action plan for their school, with time to share these with the other delegations.

The Youth Forum is FREE and welcomes delegations of between 10 & 20 students per school or organization.

DONATIONS toward the Global Luncheon of up to $100 per delegation will be gladly accepted. The amount you pay will be based on a Sliding Scale. Click here to donate.


Questions? Email K-12 Education Director, Karen Ettinger: karenatworldoregon [dot] org

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