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Ambondrona, Madagascar’s award-winning pop/rock band at IFCC

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The World Affairs Council and Ethos Music Center are hosting an exciting evening of music with Madagascar’s award-winning pop/rock band AMBONDRONA!

In Madagascar, the group has been active in promoting social, civil, and environmental causes, and most recently has collaborated with the U.S. Embassy in Madagascar on an environmental project focused on the promotion and valorization of the rich biodiversity in Madagascar.

This has sparked an interest in the band on environmental issues, especially those surrounding the human pressures and destruction of the environment. The group is traveling in the U.S. under the auspices of the International Visitor Leadership Program, looking at the topic “Promoting Environmental Causes Through Music”.The band has played extensively in Madagascar, the Reunion Island, France and South Africa, but never before in the U.S.!

Enjoy a free, all-ages evening of the latest and greatest in Malagasy pop!

Hosted by Spiretech