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Brownbag Lunch Discussion: River Management from Serbia to Portland

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Learn how leading urban planners, government officials, and water management experts are working to protect Serbian waterways while crafting new spaces to live, work, and play at the river’s edge. Tasked with redeveloping aging waterfront industrial sites, mitigating the devastating floodwaters of the Danube, and protecting the river ecosystems of Serbia, these six visitors will discuss the challenges and opportunities of their work, as well as reflect upon the ideas and strategies they have gained from their time in Portland. 



Mr. Oliver Andelkovic
Researcher, Institute for Development of Water Resources “Jaroslav Cerni”

Ms. Slobodanka Dakonovic
Technical Services Coordinator, Public Water Management Company “Vode Vojvodine”

Ms. Marija Dragovic
Advisor for Development of Water Protection Systems, Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning

Mr. Zoran Madzgalj
Chief Mechanical Engineer, Public Water Management Company “Vode Vojvodine”

Ms. Milkica Petrzljan
Expert Associate for Urban Planning and Construction, Municipality of Backa Palanka


The visitors are in Portland under the auspices of the U.S. Library of Congress’ Open World Program, which brings emerging leaders from Eurasia to the U.S. for short-term professional exchanges.

Hosted by Spiretech