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Past Council Events

Headline and Cultural Forums

Women, Theater & War in Iraq

Join us for panel discussion and conversation with five women theater artists from Iraq on women's rights, creative freedom and theater in a time of war. Read More ››

International Speaker Series (2012)

Economics, Ethics & Justice

Amartya Sen

Named as one of Time Magazine’s "100 most influential persons in the world," Amartya Sen won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Economics for his work on famine, human development theory, and welfare economics. Read More ››

Great Decisions

Exit from Afghanistan & Iraq

Lawrence J. Korb

Ten years after September 11, 2001, the U.S. is winding down its military commitment in Iraq and slowly pulling out of Afghanistan. What exit strategy will help build stable democratic nations? How can the U.S. continue to achieve its counterterrorism goals? What is the role of the U.S. in the future of the Middle East? Read More ››

Great Decisions

Middle East Realignment

Laura Robson

The popular revolts and upheaval of the Arab Spring have radically changed the face of the Middle East. What lies ahead for the Middle East’s transition to democracy? How will the U.S. recalibrate its relations with the new regimes? Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Film: Where Are You Taking Me?

Kimi Takesue’s lyrical, observational documentary takes us to the streets, shops and countrysides of post-civil war Uganda, painting a portrait of a country rediscovering its human connections in peacetime. Read More ››

Great Decisions


Roger K. Paget

Having emerged from authoritarianism in the last 15 years, Indonesia has made remarkable strides politically, economically and socially, but is still facing considerable challenges. How can Indonesia continue its path of growth, reform and prosperity? What is Indonesia’s role in the global community? Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

The New Kim on the Block: Prospects for North Korea and the Nuclear Issue

Mel Gurtov

The sudden accession of Kim Jong Un to the leadership of North Korea has led to all kinds of speculation about his ability to lead, the country’s direction, and the prospects for an agreement with the US and South Korea on nuclear weapons. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Life, Death & Hope In A Mumbai Undercity

Katherine Boo

Katherine Boo, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and a MacArthur Fellow, spent three years documenting the lives of people in the “undercity” of Annawadi, a squalid and overcrowded migrant settlement of some 3,000 people squatting since 1991 on a half-acre of land owned by the Sahar International Airport in Mumbai. Read More ››

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