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Past Council Events

Great Decisions


David Grawrock

The securitization of cyberspace has caused a sea change for both governments and the private sector, faced with new threats, new battlegrounds and new opportunities. Faced with brave new challenges, how will the U.S. and its democratic allies approach the cyber frontier? Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Growing up Maasai

Elder Sabore Ole Oyie

Maasai elder and warrior, Sabore Ole Oyie, discusses growing up Maasai including the rites of passage for becoming a warrior and the challenges of maintaining traditional culture in the 21st century. Read More ››

International Speaker Series (2012)

Politics and Principles

Jim Lehrer

For more than three decades, Jim Lehrer has been one of the most respected voices in broadcast news—lauded as an “island of sanity in the madness of television news” by the American Journalism Review. Lehrer is uniquely qualified to set the stage for our examination of American politics and global engagement. Read More ››

Great Decisions

Energy Geopolitics

Daniel Lerch

The energy markets have been shaken by the instability of Middle East oil and the vulnerability of nuclear power. Against the backdrop of European crisis and and high U.S. unemployment, what does this changing energy landscape mean for national and global economies in 2012? Read More ››

Great Decisions


Elliott Young

Mexico’s border with Central America, as well as the border it shares with the U.S., has been a pathway for people, goods, crime and contraband in both directions. What is the future of Mexico’s relations with its northern and southern neighbors? How will Mexico’s foreign relations affect its domestic politics? Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Pakistan & the U.S. - The Future of an Alliance

The Honorable Riffat Masood

Pakistan has nuclear weapons, is central to the war on terrorism, and has been labeled by pundits and publications of all stripes as the most dangerous place on Earth. What can the U.S. do to strengthen ties? The Honorable Riffat Masood, the Consul General of Pakistan, to present her thoughts on Pakistan, U.S., and public diplomacy. Read More ››

Young Professionals

International Trivia Night

International Trivia NightJoin fellow Young Professionals for International Trivia Night and show your global smarts about current events, world culture, history, geography and more! Read More ››

Great Decisions

Promoting Democracy

Bruce Gilley

The U.S. has had a history of advancing and supporting democracy around the world. What place does democracy promotion have in U.S. foreign policy today? With a choice of tools ranging from economic aid to military force, what are the appropriate yet effective methods that the U.S. should use to promote democracy? Read More ››

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