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Past Council Events

Headline and Cultural Forums

After Shock

Robert Reich

After ShockA brilliant new reading of the economic crisis—and a plan for dealing with the challenge of its aftermath—by one of our most trenchant and informed experts. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

The Mending Wall—Immigration and Human Rights in Perspective

An interdisciplinary group of writers and scholars discusses controversy and complexities related to Arizona’s recent immigration law, SB 1070, international human rights and Portland’s response. Featuring Daniel J. Tichenor, Elizabeth Hovde, Juliet Stumpf and Cas Mudde. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

State-Craft 2.0—eDiplomacy, Entrepreneurship & National Security

Richard Boly

Richard Boly, Director of the Office of eDiplomacy at the U.S. Department of State on the transformation of communication culture at the State Department in the wake of the end of the Cold War, the East Africa embassy bombings and 9/11. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

The Quality of Justice

Conversation with lawyer, journalist, human rights activist, Judith Armatta (author of Twilight of Impunity: The War Crimes Trial of Slobodan Milosevic) and international defense attorney, Norm Sepenuk on the challenges and hopes for the International Justice process.  Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Beneath the Sands of Egypt

Donald Ryan

Beneath the Sands of EgyptWith its spectacular temples, tombs, monuments, and mummies, as well as esoteric metaphysics, legendary historical characters, and connections to the Bible, ancient Egypt has enticed the human imagination for centuries. This search for understanding and drive to uncover a lost civilization has been the life work of archaeologist Donald P. Ryan. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War

Andrew Bacevich

Andrew J. Bacevich, the bestselling author of The Limits of Power, returns to Portland to celebrate the release of his new book, Washington Rules, which critically examines the Washington consensus on national security and why it must change. Read More ››


Save the Date — Housewarming Party

Save the Date — Housewarming PartyCome visit the Council in our new location at the Oregon Historical Society. Join fellow members, Board members, Council staff and international visitors and reconnect with all the outstanding programs the Council offers. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Shared Waters: Conflict, Cooperation, and Transformation

Aaron Wolf

Shared Waters: Conflict, Cooperation, and TransformationAaron Wolf has acted as consultant to the US Department of State, the US Agency for International Development, and the World Bank, and several governments on various aspects of international water resources and dispute resolution. Read More ››

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