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Past Council Events

Headline and Cultural Forums

Al Andalus Ensemble — Seeds of Peace

Join the Al Andalus Ensemble in welcoming spring with two performances of “Seeds of Peace.” Dynamically fusing graceful music with contemporary flamenco dance, “Seeds of Peace” unifies the world’s music cultures, marrying East and West as well as Cla Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Malika, Queen of the Cats

This amazing ensemble of felines and other characters was designed by resident artist, Jason Miranda and built by Tears of Joy Theatre’s puppeteers. The script was adapted from a Palestinian folktale by Nancy Aldrich, Tears of Joy’s Artistic Director Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Transforming Girls’ Lives in Africa: Social Entrepreneurship and Education

Viola Vaughn

Most girls in Senegal do not finish school. For every 60,000 girls entering the first grade, roughly 200 succeed in completing high school. Half of these young women attend university, and ultimately only 20 women out of the 60,000 will obtain a grad Read More ››

International Visitors

Developing Youth Leadership in Brazil

Learn how four remarkable young Brazilians are using innovative approaches to harness the talent and energy of disadvantaged youth and build community leaders. These Brazilian social entrepreneurs will be visiting Portland under the auspices of the U Read More ››

International Speaker Series (2010)

Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Global Security

President Pervez Musharraf

As a nuclear power bordered by Afghanistan, China, Iran, and India, Pakistan’s global strategic importance cannot be overstated. Pervez Musharraf was President of Pakistan at the time of the September 11 attacks and growing Muslim militancy... Read More ››

Great Decisions

Kenya & R2P

Mark Schneider
Great Decisions

U.S.-China Security Relations

Ronald Tammen
International Speaker Series (2010)

The Global Financial Crisis: Made in America?

Joseph Stiglitz

The most cited economist in the world, Joseph Stiglitz served as Chief Economist of the World Bank and chaired President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisors. Always controversial, he is sharply critical of current international economic policies, Read More ››

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