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Past Council Events

Great Decisions

The Persian Gulf

Peter Bechtold
Great Decisions

Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

Dr. Harry Anastasiou

Design for the Other 90%

Sergio Palleroni
Teach the World

Teach the Middle East Youth Forum

Teach the Middle East Youth ForumThis Youth Forum involved middle and high school students in interesting and action oriented sessions such as Being a Youth In Today’s Iran and Covered Women; Uncovered Stereotypes . The following WORKSHOP VIDEOS are both timely and timeless: TAKE ACTION/ THE GLOBAL CITIZEN CORPS; THE HISTORY OF ISRAEL & THE SYMBOLISM OF PALESTINIAN EMBROIDERY. Read More ››


Water for Life

Representative Earl Blumenauer

The Impact of Illegal Drug Trafficking on the Northwest

John Kroger

The Perils of Government Secrecy

Dr. John Prados

President Obama's Foreign Policy Challenges

Strobe Talbott

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