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Donate Now! Your contribution of $13.75 buys a whole lot of Global Literacy!

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Last year scholarship donations from World Affairs Council supporters enabled us to provide discounted tickets to the International Speaker Series for 768 kids.  This year our goal is 1,000 tickets for Oregon school kids! Please help us meet this challenge. 

We know that you are literally bombarded with requests this time of year from all the worthy organizations you support. That’s why we’re asking for $13.75 –  this amount is the difference between the student-price ticket per lecture and the actual cost of the ticket, making it possible for more young people to attend the Series.   Please remember the World Affairs Council of Oregon in your end of year giving with a gift of $13.75 or more.  Participation means everything!

For 13 years, The International Speaker Series has been bringing the people, ideas and issues that are shaping our world to Oregon. Why does this matter?  Students today need knowledge about other countries, regions, cultures, and global systems. They need skills to communicate digitally, effectively, and in other languages. They need to nurture a geographic and cultural literacy with global peers and cultures different from their own. Building skills for increasingly global interactions in the Oregon K-12 education system is vitally important to the success of Oregon’s kids as they head into the global work force - especially in Oregon, where one in four jobs is linked to export.

As President Obama said recently,  “In a 21st-century world where jobs can be shipped wherever there's an Internet connection. . .your best job qualification is not what you do, but what you know -- education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity and success, it's a prerequisite for success.”

On behalf of the thousands of globally engaged kids, Thank you for your support now and always!

Maria Wulff
President, World Affairs Council of Oregon
*Student tickets at the discounted rate are offered to groups of 10 plus.

For more than 60 years, The World Affairs Council of Oregon has worked to promote international education through a variety of public programs and professional exchanges in Oregon. From age seven to seventy and beyond the Council’s programs aim to connect citizens at every age to the global community. In 2012, the Council engaged tens of thousands of students throughout Oregon and southwest Washington in global affairs.


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