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Great Decisions: Defense Technology

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The first lecture in the 2014 Great Decisions series, Peter W. Singer looks at how new “game-changing” technologies, from robotic planes to cyberweapons to 3D printing and human enhancement, are moving from science fiction to battlefield reality – all during an age of fiscal austerity. But in wrestling with the new, we can actually learn a great deal from the past. Our forebears went through similar challenges with such once fanciful but now normal concepts as airplanes, submarines, and tanks. What are the “killer applications” of the 21st century battlefield, and in turn, what are the issues that the U.S. must navigate in adapting to them?

The 2014 Great Decisions Lecture Series takes place Fridays, January 17 - March 7, 12 p.m. at Portland State University. Free and open to the public, no registration required. More information to follow about the room location and other speakers.

Hosted by Spiretech