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Adam Tanner: Personal Data, Big Business & the End of Privacy

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What if the greatest threat to our privacy today is not the NSA, but trusted American companies? We live in an age where personal information is relentlessly harvested and aggregated.  We’re eager to reap the benefits—such as one-click ordering—but we lose sight of the fact that Internet giants, leading retailers, and others are gathering data with little oversight from anyone. Any one piece of information that we share isn’t that important, we think. Right? Investigative business reporter Adam Tanner (author of What Stays in Vegas:The World of Personal Data—Lifeblood of Big Business—and the End of Privacy as We Know It) explores the Wild West of data capture and all the ways our personal information is driving commerce, whether we know it—or like it—or not.

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Adam Tanner writes about the business of personal data. He is a fellow at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University and was previously a Nieman fellow there. Tanner has worked for Reuters News Agency as Balkans bureau chief (based in Belgrade, Serbia), as well as San Francisco bureau chief, and has had previous postings in Berlin, Moscow, and Washington, DC. He also contributes to Forbes and other magazines.

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