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Most of us drink coffee every morning, but probably don’t realize that nearly 100 million people around the world depend on it for their livelihood, including Portland, where coffee has become one of our most globally connected industries. How does coffee make it from “there” to here? What are the major challenges facing coffee producers in the 21st century and what is being done to meet them? How do Portland coffee companies and consumers impact this corner of the global economy? Join writer Hanna Neuschwander (Left Coast Roast) for a percolating conversation with Portland Roasting Company’s Mark Stell and David Griswold of Sustainable Harvest about how Portland’s thirst for coffee connects us to the world.

Part of the series 'Setting the Table: Global Food, Local Perspectives', co-sponsored with Slow Food Portland.

Setting the Table

$10 general; $5 WAC and Slow Food Portland members.

Hosted by Spiretech