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Craig Parsons | The EU: Opportunities & Challenges

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Join us for a deep dive into the big issues on the table for the European Union.  Professor Craig Parsons (Department Head, Political Science at University of Oregon; author of many award-winning books and articles about the EU) unpacks the EU and its challenges and opportunities today. From the basic---a quick survey of how the EU is set up and its major challenges--to the complex: How will Brexit, the refugee crisis and its backlash, and the euro crisis shape the road ahead? How comparable is the EU's quasi-federalism to American federalism? How democratic (or undemocratic) is the EU, and can it be made more democratic? How will the next US Presidency shape trade, economic and security relations with the EU?  So many questions - so much to talk about on the horizon of the European Union and our alliance with them.

Craig Parsons is Professor and Department Head in Political Science at the University of Oregon. He is the author or editor of six books, including the award-winning A Certain Idea of Europe (Cornell University Press, 2003), How to Map Arguments in Political Science (Oxford University Press, 2007) and a new introductory textbook, How to Think for Yourself about Politics (Pearson, 2016). He has also published articles on a wide range of topics in European politics and political economy.

A program of the World Affairs of America, held in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to the United States

Cosponsored with the University of Oregon.

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