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Dante Paradiso: The Embassy - a Story of War & Diplomacy

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In a distant war, in a city under siege, U.S. Ambassador John W. Blaney faced a terrible choice: abandon the mission or risk the lives of his team to give diplomacy a last chance. In 2003, Liberia was one of the most dangerous and isolated countries in the world. President Charles Taylor, a feared warlord, presided over a fractured state and countless unruly militiamen and child soldiers as two rebel armies marched to depose him. When an international court indicted Taylor for war crimes, the rebels attacked the capital and months of vicious fighting ensued. With Washington split on how to respond and pressure mounting to shutter the chancery once and for all, the Ambassador kept the flag flying. The U.S. embassy served as a rallying point for international efforts to save Liberia.  Writer and career Foreign Service officer Dante Paradiso explores the harrowing climax of the Liberian civil war and the U.S. and West African role in ending it--offering rich discussion on the kind of daring frontline diplomacy that can change the fate of a nation.


Following the talk will be a booksigning with the author.

Copresented with Mercy Corps Action Center

This event is free and open to the public - you can register for the event here

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