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El Narco | Ioan Grillo

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Beyond the sensational spectacle of bloodshed and violence in Mexico’s drug war—50,000 deaths since 2006—what is the story behind the rise and spread of the drug trade? How did Mexico come to control drug trafficking? Is the U.S. deployment of Black Hawk helicopters and drug agents merely hard-line rhetoric in another complex, unwinnable war? For 10 years, journalist Ioan Grillo has been immersed on the front-lines reporting on the world of El Narco—the often faceless criminal network of cartels—interviewing countless cartel members, eyewitnesses, and US and Mexican government officials. Grillo explores potential solutions but will it be enough to deter the insurgency and a failed state just next door? 

Ioan Grillo has covered Latin America since 2001, for TIME magazine, CNN, Associated Press, PBS “NewsHour,” the Houston Chronicle, CBC, and Sunday Telegraph. He is a native of England but now lives in Mexico City.


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