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Film: America's Diplomats + discussion with Harriet Isom, John Yates & Mary Carlin Yates

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Did you know the U.S. has diplomatic relations and ambassadorial exchanges with 180 countries and that the U.S. Foreign Service employs 14,000 people?  And did you know is statistically more dangerous to join the Foreign Service than the armed forces?  While few military personnel experiences combat, embassies and consulates have over the last few decades become terrorist targets. Indeed, about three times as many ambassadors as admirals and generals have been killed by hostile actions since WWII. Join us for this wonderful film narrated by Kathleen Turner that looks inside the Foreign Service and the making of U.S. foreign policy from Ben Franklin to Benghazi and beyond. Discover the role our brave diplomats play in shaping American history. Uncover the origins of our Foreign Service, and the danger American diplomats face far from home. Following the film is a discussion with Ambassador Harriet Isom, who headed American Embassies in Laos, Benin, and Cameroon; John Yates, formerly U.S. Special Envoy for Somalia, and Mary Carlin Yates, former Ambassador to Burundi and Ghana, who also served as Deputy to the Commander for the United States Africa Command, and most recently was interim Charge d'Affaires at the US Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. 

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