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FILM: An African Election (2011)

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Introduced by Matthew Essieh, former World Affairs Council Board Chair and member of the Board of Advisors, and President & CEO EAI Information Systems

In a world plagued by stolen elections, secret government agendas, and a renewed interest in the exploitation of African natural resources, what value does democracy offer, particularly in the tumultuous region of West Africa? For Ghana, a nation that has been Africa’s barometer of political stability, democracy may mean the difference between peace and prosperity on the one hand and murderous chaos under military coup on the other. Granting viewers an inside perspective on the political, social, and economic forces at play during Ghana’s 2008 presidential elections, the film captures the intrigue and the ethical dilemmas of electioneering, the intensity of the vote-counting process, and the mood of the countrymen whose fate lies precariously in the balance—all of it unfolding with the tension of a political thriller.

Directed by Jarreth Merz and Kevin Merz

Cosponsored with NW Film Center as part of their annual Voices in Action: Human Rights on Film series

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