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From Field to Fork: Food Ethics for Everyone

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Modern debates about food, ranging from food and social justice issues to GMO, are complex issues. Will the growing local and organic food movements restore food ethics to our diets? Paul Thompson (former advisor with the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization) says it’s a start, but not enough. Drawing on more than 30 years of research, Thompson discusses the world’s farms, eating habits, and diseases, sharing the social justice issues present in all sectors of the industry.

How will new developments in nutritional science and diet-based disease and public health concerns help frame a broader discussion of food systems of developed economies and food ethics in the developing world, as well as animal production and the environmental impact of agriculture?  Thompson offers insight into the personal, environmental, and ethical impacts of agriculture from a philosophical perspective, and outlines concrete steps the world – both developed and developing– needs to take to reverse the trend of unethical food manufacturing and consumption. A philosopher by training, Thompson discusses the primary debates going on today, not merely as issues of food, but as debates of social norms, ethics, economics, politics, and the hard sciences - and why a liberal arts education and a good philosophical foundation is relevant and vital, especially in our increasingly data-driven culture.

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