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GMOs: What Should We Be Asking?

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The issue of genetically modified food is a contentious one, yet there have been few opportunities for sustained public engagement in the issue beyond polarized debate and soundbites. However, the applications of biotechnology to agriculture demand deeper citizen participation in determining both the concerns and the potentials of how science and technology guide and shape food and agriculture in both local and global contexts. Join molecular biologist Lisa Weasel, author of Food Fray: Inside the Controversy over Genetically Modified Food, for an interactive forum that provides a look at the more complex issues GMO technology has raised, and gives participants an opportunity to engage in discussion around the questions we need to be asking about GMOs. 

Part of the series 'Setting the Table: Global Food, Local Perspectives', co-sponsored with Slow Food Portland.

Setting the Table

$10 general; $5 WAC and Slow Food Portland members.

Hosted by Spiretech