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Hellen Nkuraiya: Transforming the Lives of Maasai Girls

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Hellen Nkuraiya is a remarkable woman with a remarkable story. From a traditional Maasai family, she was married off twice by her father (in exchange for cows),  starting at age nine, a life from which she ran away – later receiving sponsorship for schooling. Nkruaiya has led a life of taking stands – against child marriage, female genital mutilation; fighting for education for girls, rights for widows and the end to life-long subservience for women. Nkruyaia founded the academically acclaimed Enkiteng Lepa School in Maji Moto as well as widow's villages in two communities where widows (who have no property,  no rights, and  can never remarry) can find support, safety, and community. Join us and learn more about Nukuraiya’s exceptional journey and the lives of women and girls she’s helping transform in Kenya.

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