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Let's Reclaim the American Dream

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Hedrick Smith, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former New York Times reporter and editor and Emmy-winning former producer for PBS taps into his decades-long career in journalism to tell the story of how seismic changes, sparked by a sequence of landmark political and economic decisions, have transformed America and its middle class over the last 40 years —becoming, in effect, two Americas—and what a path away from that might need to look like. What could we learn from the last six presidents, our best political and corporate leaders and the experience of average Americans that might collectively jumpstart the engine of shared prosperity and help us regain our title of “Land of Opportunity?” Join us for this rare, first-person discussion with one of our more thought-provoking and acclaimed journalists.

PLEASE NOTE: this event will take place on Wednesday, April 22 and not on April 23 as previously advertised.

Hosted by Spiretech