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Libya: A Report from the Front Lines

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What is the current situation for humanitarian aid in Libya following the fall of Gadhafi? Join us for this program with Tarhuni and Reda (both born in Libya, now living in the Portland area) who will share their stories from the front lines, where they boldly (working through Medical Teams International) participated in humanitarian efforts. This is an excellent opportunity to hear their first-hand experiences and perspectives regarding Libya’s liberation and reconstruction.

Jamal Tarhuni was born in Tripoli, Libya and now resides in Oregon. He has made three trips to Libya since the uprising in Libya began in February 2011, distributing humanitarian aid in many Libyan cities during the war and after the country’s liberation. He is the leader of the Libyan Community Association of Oregon, which helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for aid groups.

Dr. Omar Reda is a Libyan-born psychiatrist who rushed to the aid of the opposition as an emergency physician and trauma counselor for overwhelmed medical staff and victims. He is currently Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Oregon Health and Sciences University. An expert on psychoanalysis for disaster victims, he earned his MD at Al-Arab Medical University in Libya and a Masters Certificate in Global Mental Health from Harvard Medical School.

Wednesday, June 6, 6:30 p.m.
Free for Council members, $5 for non-members

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