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New Theater from Egypt: COMEDY OF SORROWS by Ibrahim El Husseini

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Ibrahim El-Husseini’s Comedy of Sorrows (Commedia Al-Ahzaan), newly translated by Mohammed Albakry and Rebekah Maggor, is one of the first theatrical responses to the Egyptian revolution of January 25th, 2011. The play follows a young university-educated Egyptian woman who, through a series of encounters with different members of society, comes to realize that she had been oblivious to the poverty and misery around her. The play presents a collective and unsentimental account of a nation’s awakening. Through a unique combination of vivid poetry and colloquial dialogue, it celebrates the uprising of a people, while at the same time anticipating the uncertainty and tumult of a nation struggling to transition to democracy.

Reading to be followed by a discussion of the play, the Egyptian revolution, and Egypt’s prospects for democracy going forward.

Curated by Boom Arts as part of their International Plays in Translation series — read more:

Cosponsored with Boom Arts and Portland State University Department of Theatre & Film in commemoration of the second annniversary of the Egyptian Revolution.



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