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Pakistan & the U.S. - The Future of an Alliance

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Pakistan has nuclear weapons, is central to the war on terrorism, and has been labeled by pundits and publications of all stripes as the most dangerous place on Earth. What can the U.S. do to strengthen ties? Has U.S. aid been a help or hindrance? Some argue that aid has done little to improve the long-term well-being of Pakistan, deepening the resentment Pakistanis feel towards American presence in the region. Is there a pathway toward aid that invests directly in Pakistan’s infrastructure and economy and builds a cooperative economic relationship between the nations? The Council welcomes the Honorable Riffat Masood, the Consul General of Pakistan, to present her thoughts on Pakistan, U.S., and public diplomacy — in particular, initiatives that can support both long-term U.S. interests and a stable Pakistan deterred from nuclear proliferation and fomenting regional insurgencies.


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