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Peter Laufer/Gabriela Martínez: On The Fence – Border Culture & Spanglish

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Now matter how high a wall and no matter who pays for it, determined travelers on both sides historically figure out how to make the border porous or disappear completely.  One crucial wall-busting tool is language.  Spanglish, the playful patois that unites the Mexican-U.S. Borderlands, bridges the border with communication that no wall can prevent. Join Peter Laufer (James Wallace Chair Professor in Journalism at University of Oregon and co-director UO-UNESCO Crossings Institute for Conflict Sensitive Reporting & Intercultural Dialogue) and Gabriela Martínez (award-winning documentary filmmaker and co-creator of the Latino Roots in Oregon Project director of the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication’s Masters Program) for a discussion on Spanglish and Border Culture.  Program includes a reading from Laufer's new children's book ¡See you Later, Amigo!, An American Border Tale - which will be available for purchase following the talk.  

Hosted by Spiretech