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Social & Political Issues through an Arts Lens: A Discussion with Visiting European Artists

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Learn how three artists from Poland, Croatia and Turkey are addressing themes of ethnic tolerance, sexuality, historical identity, and change through their art and activism. The group’s work spans from theatre performances to radio journalism, from documenting suppressed revolution in Belarus to writing internationally-acclaimed comedy films. As part of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, these artists will be in Portland to meet with socially-focused local artists and nonprofits expanding access to populations underrepresented in the art community. The visitors include a Turkish vocalist and actress on stage, television and film; a Polish journalist and documentary filmmaker who works to bring cinema to rural communities; and a writer and film director from Croatia exploring the social change underway in the Balkans.

For this program, the artists will take part in an informal conversation with award-winning filmmaker Brian Lindstrom (Finding Normal, Alien Boy: the Death and Life of James Chasse). Please join the World Affairs Council or Oregon and P:ear in this discussion exploring art’s role in social change, both in Europe and right here in Portland.

Hosted by Spiretech