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The Betrayal of American Prosperity

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Clyde Prestowitz, one of our most “far seeing forecasters of global trends” according to The New York Times, returns to Portland with a trenchant message about “Free Market Delusions, America’s Decline, and How We Must Compete in the Post-Dollar Era.” Drawing from his most recent book, The Betrayal of American Prosperity, Prestowitz discusses how the fundamental pillars of the American economy have eroded—beginning well before the 2008 crisis—and the great challenge we face for the future in competing with the economic juggernaut of China and other fast-rising economies. With clarity and authority, Prestowitz, founder and President of the Economic Strategy Institute, gives us a picture of how the U.S. is rapidly losing the basis of its wealth and power, as well as its freedom of action and independence—and what we can do to reverse the trend.

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Wed, 05/11/2011

Clyde Prestowitz - The Betrayal of American Prosperity

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