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The Fortunes of Africa: 5,000 Years of Wealth, Greed & Endeavor

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Africa has been exploited, coveted, and extorted for its riches since the era of the Pharaohs. It was its pure gold, luxurious ivory of elephant tusks, fertile soil, and slave trade that drew fortune-seekers, merchant-adventurers, and conquerors from afar. Today, the world’s focus is on oil, diamonds, and other extremely coveted minerals. Join us for a discussion with renowned history Martin Meredith, as he weaves together a fascinating tapestry of the cultures and histories - from the rise and fall of ancient kingdoms and empires to the spread of Christianity and Islam; from the relentless quest and plunder of gold and other mineral riches to the impact and legacy of European colonization and the dawn of the Independence movement - that have shaped the African continent for over 5,000 years.

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