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The Irish Hunger Strike: 30 Years On

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The Irish Hunger Strike of 1981 changed the political landscape in Ireland. The gains made since then – towards peace and Irish unity – owe much to the Irish political prisoners of that time. The 30th anniversary of the dramatic year when 10 men died protesting the withdrawal of political prisoner status for Irish nationalists will be commemorated by a public lecture and exhibit at Portland City Hall.

The participation of Sinn Fein, formerly the political wing of the Irish Republican Army, in Irish electoral politics is one of the enduring legacies of the Irish Hunger Strike. As he was dying on hunger strike, Bobby Sands was elected to the British House of Commons. Deputy Crowe will address the causes and historical consequences of the Hunger Strike. Portland is one of several major U.S. cities organizing events commemorating the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike; the City Hall atrium will exhibit a pictorial documentary.

Free Admission, Registration Not Required.

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