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The New Arab Wars: Anarchy & Uprising in the Middle East

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Marc Lynch (author, The Arab Uprising: The Unfinished Revolutions of the New Middle East and director of the Project on Middle East Political Science at George Washington University) delves into recent events in the Middle East and explores how the hope of the Arab Spring devolved into a dystopia of resurgent dictators, failed states, military crackdown and proxy wars as part of a radical regional restructuring. How are transnational flows of money, information, people, and guns and richer nations like Saudi Arabia and Qatar polarizing conflicts in the region? What role has U.S. restraint in the region played not sending military assistance to the Syrian rebels, as well as in the recent nuclear deal with Iran—in transforming alliances? Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq—what went wrong and what should we expect going forward?  Could it be that the region’s upheavals have only just begun—and that any retreat to old habits of authoritarian stability are doomed to fail? With keen political insight, on-the-ground reporting, and drawing from Arabic social media, Lynch is an exceptional guide to the deeper drivers of change across the Middle East.

Copresented with the Middle East Studies Center, Portland State University


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