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The Next Wave: Oregon & Ocean Energy

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There is tremendous energy in the ocean’s waves. Ocean energy is clean, predictable, renewable and, unlike other renewable resources, has the potential to be available 24/7. It has no greenhouse gas emissions, produces no pollution and requires no major drilling or mining. Oregon is among the most wave-power rich areas of the world (along with western coasts of Scotland, northern Canada, southern Africa, and Australia) and the state possesses the three key ingredients to become a global leader in extracting sustainable energy from restless ocean waves—coastal access, technological knowledge and the ability to supply energy to an existing electrical grid. Join Jason Busch, Executive Director, Oregon Wave Energy Trust for a look at the basics of wave energy, current state of the technology, international collaboration and regional partnerships, and prospects for Oregon as a global leader in renewable energy.


Council members interested in attending the Oregon Wave Energy Trust’s seventh annual Ocean Renewable Energy Conference can receive a discounted admission. The conference, happening Wednesday & Thursday, September 26-27 at the Double Tree Hotel (1000 NE Multnomah Street, Portland), brings to Oregon some of the world’s leading experts, thinkers and innovators. General registration: $425; World Affairs Council Member Discount: $375 (discount code: OWETPDX12). To register:



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