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The World...In General: Consul General Kojiro Uchiyama (Japanese Consular Office in Portland)

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The origin of diplomacy and consuls predates that of permanent ambassadors by almost two millennia. The first ambassadors set up residence in foreign countries during the late Middle Ages.  When most people think about consular matters, if they think about them at all, it’s because they are having difficulties in a foreign country or because they have to apply for a visa to travel, study, or immigrate abroad. But there is so much rich history around the key role consuls have played in international trade and diplomacy.

Join us for a lecture by Consul General Kojiro Uchiyama,  from the Japanese Consular Office in Portland

Today, under a stable regime, Japan is working to resolve domestic and overseas issues while plotting a route out of long-standing economic stagnation. Domestically, we aim to emerge from deflation and revitalize the economy but we face challenges such as reconstruction from the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, energy problems, a low birthrate and an aging population. With a strong U.S.-Japan alliance as the cornerstone of our foreign policy we are dealing with the challenges of an increasingly severe security environment in East Asia and we are also promoting economic diplomacy to drive the growth of the Japanese economy. I would like to give such an overview of Japan's current circumstances as well as considering prospects for the future.

Consul General Kojiro Uchiyama arrived in Portland in April of 2016 having served as Counsellor at the Embassy of Japan in Dublin, Ireland for the previous five years. Prior to that, he held the same position at the Japanese Embassy in New Delhi, India. Consul General Uchiyama was born in Hokkaido and his career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken him from Amherst, Massachusetts to, Warsaw, Poland, to Canberra, Australia and two separate stints in Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa. In this country he has been assigned to the Consulates in Boston, New Orleans and Houston and his post in Portland sees him return to the United States after 23 years of service around the world. 

The General is cosponsored by World Affairs Council of Oregon, Portland State University’s Office of International Affairs and Institute for Asian Studies, and the Oregon Consular Corps

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