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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon?: Why China Has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World

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Chinese students' consistently stunning performance on the international PISA exams— where they outscore students of all other nations in math, reading, and science—have positioned China as a world education leader. American educators and pundits have declared this a "Sputnik Moment," saying that we must learn from China's education system in order to maintain our status as an education leader and global superpower.  And recently many of the educational reforms taking hold in United States schools  (greater emphasis on standardized testing and the increasing importance of core subjects like reading and  math) echo the Chinese system.  How is China able to turn out the world's highest achieving students in math, science, and reading? Why then, despite  amazing test scores, are Chinese parents, teachers, and political leaders desperate to leave behind their educational system? The U.S. is now following in China's footsteps—but is this the direction we should take?

Join us for this engaging and provocative look inside the Chinese school system with award-winning writer Yong Zhao.

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