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Wine Wars: Is the Glass Half-full or Half-empty?

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Who hasn’t found themselves in the wine aisle confounded by a confusing “embarrassment of riches”—with wines from every corner of the globe?  Mike Veseth, Professor of International Political Economy at the University of Puget Sound, writer and founder of the wildly popular Wine Economist blog, uncorks a conversation on the major forces that are redrawing the world wine map: what's in your wine glass? How did it get there? And what does the future hold for the global wine industry—is it half-full or half-empty. Veseth breaks down issues around globalization —Who will call the shots in the wine markets of the future? China? France? Will wine’s global success spell its doom?—illustrating what factors and trends are shaping the global wine industry.  Explore the often intimidating world of wines (while enjoying a glass of the stuff). Veseth will give an inside take—both practical and big-picture on the “miracle of Two Buck Chuck;” whether it’s possible to buy good wines in the supermarket or out of a box; and the “terroirists” who Veseth hopes will save wine’s soul.


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