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​The Sunflower Movement and Democracy in Taiwan: A Face-to-Face with Cherry Chi and Anny Hsiao

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Last month, Tsai Ing-wen was inaugurated as Taiwan’s first female president after winning Taiwan’s January election in a landslide and her Democratic Progressive Party, the long-time opposition, became the majority party in parliament for the first time.  

This victory capped a tumultuous two years of controversy and activism. In March 2014, the “Sunflower Student Movement” occupied parliament to protest a trade pact with China spearheaded by then-president Ma but criticized by democracy activists for making Taiwan vulnerable to Chinese pressure.

President Ma’s warming policy toward China culminated in his meeting Chinese president, Xi Jingping, in November 2015, the first meeting of Taiwanese and Chinese leaders since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1943. Two months later, riding a tide of activism, Tsai Ing-wen defeated Ma and her opposition Democractic Progressive Party captured Taiwan’s parliament.

Cherry Chi and Anny Hsiao have been active promoters of Taiwan’s democracy, traveling to Taiwan to vote (Taiwan has no absentee ballots!) and participating in campaign rallies. They have served as presidents of the Taiwanese Association of Greater Portland and the Formosan Association of Public Affairs, Oregon Chapter.  Anny currently works for the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Institute of IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization).

Hear their stories and ask questions about Taiwan’s history, democracy and China-Taiwan relations at this face-to-face event.  

Face-to-Face events provide unique opportunities for Young Professionals to engage in an informal, round-table discussion with visiting emerging leaders from abroad or individuals in our community with unique international experience. These cross-cultural and lively exchanges examine topics such as: leadership and ethics, culture and society, government and foreign policy and many others.

Location: Green Dragon Bistro & Pub - Barrel Room

Note on room location: The Barrel Room can be tricky to find. When you arrive, ask one of the bartenders where the Barrel Room is and they will direct you (it’s through the brewing room in the back).

**Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to settle in and order a drink and/or food. Social time and mingling to start at 6:00pm and the Face-to-Face discussion will begin at 6:30pm.

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