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Piketty for Dummies: Cocktails & Capital

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Since its debut earlier this spring Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by French economist Thomas Piketty, has been creating seismic debate - both in economic circles and with general readers, becoming an unlikely bestseller and vaulting its author into semi-rockstar status. Stirring broad and energetic jousting on the subject of global economic inequality, many have hailed Mr. Piketty as "the second coming of Karl Marx." If you've been intimidated by 577 pages of text and graphs plus 78 pages of notes and an even more intimidating appendage entitled “Contents in Detail, ” perhaps you'd like a little help getting to the nuts and bolts of what it's all about.

Join us for a glass of wine or beer, and some spirited repartee, as we invite economists Mary King, Robin Hahnel,  Jeff Renfro and Joe Cortright to break it down and set us straight on Mr. Piketty and the je-ne-say-what of his grand theories of capital and inequality.

Cosponsored with Portland State University's Economics Department

Hosted by Spiretech