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YP C.U.L.T. - FIFA Women's World Cup

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Join the Young Professionals and fellow soccer fans for this month’s CULT event cheering on the U.S. women’s national team as they take on Germany in the semifinals of the 2015 FIFA World Cup.  For a few weeks, the World Cup brings together people from around the world to celebrate a shared pastime and allows for an exchange of culture, awareness, and ideas. Come enjoy a beer at The Cheerful Tortoise and be part of this exciting experience that connects global citizens.

CULT, A text-speak acronym for "C U Last Tuesday", is a new, monthly program put on by the Young Professionals of the World Affairs Council. The content and format of the event changes from month to month, but what doesn't vary is the promise to entertain, educate and broaden your horizons. So, invite your friends and we will see you on the last Tuesday of June. No registration required!


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