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YP C.U.L.T.- Film and Discussion: WOMEN WITHOUT MEN

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On the eve of the U.S. Congressvote for an international nuclear deal with Iran – many issues and ideologies find themselves out on the table. Want to get a little historic perspective on Iran, pre-revolution?  Join our YPs for a viewing of WOMEN WITHOUT MEN, artist Shirin Neshat's 2010 independent film adaptation of Shahrnush Parsipur's magic realist novel, followed by discussion. Shot in stunning black-and-white, the film chronicles the intertwining lives of four women in Iran during the summer of 1953; a thriller that that addresses themes such as human rights and women, women's voting rights, and the women's rights movement, a cataclysmic moment in Iranian history and Muslim women's rights when an American led, British backed coup d'état brought down the democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, and reinstalled the Shah to power.


CULT, A text-speak acronym for "C U Last Tuesday", is a new, monthly program put on by the Young Professionals of the World Affairs Council. The content and format of the event changes from month to month, but what doesn't vary is the promise to entertain, educate and broaden your horizons. So, invite your friends and we will see you on the last Tuesday of August. Please register at the link below.

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