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YP C.U.L.T.: Foreign Horror Film Night

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Spend All Hallow’s Eve with fellow internationally-minded individuals for a foreign horror film night. We will have a double-feature (details below) and a smattering of short films from around the globe. Drinks and snacks will be provided.
We’ll be showing Ils (Them), a French-Romanian horror film from 2006 about a French teacher who move to an idyllic country home in Romania, but one night they wake up to a strange noise, and are soon terrorized by a group of hooded assailants.

After watching a few shorts, we will show La Casa Muda (Silent House), a Uruguayan film from 2010 about a girl and her father who move into a fixer-upper in a small village, but soon find that the house is not completely vacant. Nearly the entire movie is shot in one take.

Adding to the terror, both of these films claim to be based on real events.

Schedule shown below. Feel free to drop in at a time that works for you.

6:00 - International short films
6:30 - Ils (Them)
7:45 - International short films
8:15 - La Casa Muda (Silent House)
9:45 - PYOTR495 (A Russian short film, 15m)


C.U.L.T., A text-speak acronym for "C U Last Tuesday", is a monthly program put on by the Young Professionals of the World Affairs Council of Oregon. The theme and format of the event changes from month to month, but what doesn't vary is the promise to entertain, educate, and broaden your horizons. Invite your friends and we'll see you on the last Tuesday of each month!

Have questions about this event or the Young Professionals in general? Email youngprofessionalsatworldoregon [dot] org.


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